Appraisers Of Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 28: …that in the beginning the same body is revived, which is the excessive will to receive, without any restraints, just as it grew under the nourishment of the impure worlds…

And then we embark on a new kind of labor—to bring all that exaggerated will to receive to the form of bestowal. Then it is healed because now it obtained equivalence of form.

An unique illumination vitalizes the desire to receive for the sake of reception as well as the “stony heart,” and all of the desire to receive exists as matter only because the Light holds it. Yesh mi Yesh (existence from existence) holds and vitalizes the Yesh mi Ayin (existence from absence). We cannot manage without this “intravenous device.” After all, if I had closed it, I would have lost the desire and would not have been able to correct it. And this in turn would have prevented me from adhering to the Creator fully.

Question: So, how do we correct the desire?

Answer: For this, we don’t need any actions with the material itself, and there can’t be any. We are unable to kill or to revive it, even though we use these terms to describe what is taking place. The desire, as it was and remains, is found in the hands of the Creator who gives life to everything: the evil and the good.

Throughout the entire process, we don’t take any real actions in creation. Rather, only in regard to myself, I sort the parts that are revealed before me. We don’t enter into the creation itself. It is impossible to stop the influence of the Light on the desire, just as it is impossible to stop the Earth. These data “descend” to me from a higher level, and on my level I need to accept them, to learn from them, to sort them and to examine my relationship in regard to them. Specifically by means of this, I build myself. We don’t need more than this.

There is a choice and a wide variety of possibilities before me, all kinds of different desires in order to receive and in order to bestow, which are not new. However, they are discovered and developed more and more, and all this is so that I will determine my relationship in regard to all that is developed in the right way. With this, I understand and feel more, and that is how I build the Adam from myself.

The Creator doesn’t change the original action, and we also don’t act on anything. Everything is revealed only in regard to the person who perceives. The creation is unchanged. There is Infinity, and all the time a little of the curtain is opened and closed for us on the way toward it. However, through this we reach the level of the Creator. This “game” is enough for us in order to grow to the height of the Upper, to be aware and to understand Him, and really to be like Him.

The question arises: Is there something else besides what I am viewing and the inner changes? This is unknown to us.

Without changing anything in creation, we grow, improving our tools of perception, exercising, and correcting ourselves and only ourselves. Until now, we were allowed to think that we were changing the world. However, this approach doesn’t work anymore. From this stage onward, only one thing works: our similarity to what is discovered. And this is a new method.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/15/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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