Pharaoh’s Undisciplined Grandson

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that every time our group takes a big step forward to a new qualitative state there are people who don’t succeed and who cannot take that step forward and therefore fall behind?

Answer: It isn’t that they cannot take a step forward, but that they cannot justify the action of the upper Providence on them. A person is taken out of the mass of humanity by forceps and is given personal spiritual treatment. It is just like baby Moses being taken out of the Nile in the basket and brought to the house of Pharaoh. There, he was taken care of, and his ego developed intentionally. He was taught the wisdom of Kabbalah and was told how good he is and that he was selected and more special than anyone else.

He feels good, until different problems arise. He begins to act incorrectly according to his ego, which means that “he kills the Egyptian” in him, and this is where his wanderings begin. It may seem strange that a prince kills his subject, a simple Egyptian, but it is a sign that he is not loyal to Pharaoh anymore and is not adhered to him. So, he must flee and escape to the desert. He goes to Jethro and stays with him for forty years. After being raised and educated in Pharaoh’s home for forty years, he continues to study for another forty years at the home of Jethro, priest of Midian.

This is the evolutionary process we must go through since otherwise you will not be ready to return to Pharaoh and confront him from an equal position, standing straight before him. Without this, you will not be able to bear the ten plagues and feel that it is Pharaoh who receives each one and not you. Moses, who returns from Jethro, is already totally different from Pharaoh. He doesn’t belong to Pharaoh’s home anymore, but rather to the Israeli people, and he already demands, “Let my people go!” Pharaoh turns into an enemy.

Moses learns this approach from Jethro, the great priest of Midian. He must connect to the concept of Jethro, marry his daughter, Tzipora, and have children. This entire process seems very complicated from an external glance. It is hard to understand what all these hardships are for: the struggle between the evil inclination and the Torah that is the means for its correction, and then the exit to spirituality. It isn’t a simple process.

These are processes that every shattered and corrupt soul must go through in order to be corrected and purified. So, people ascend and descend. Someone falls along the way, and another leaps upward. That’s true, but we don’t understand what is happening. The only thing we can do is keep quiet and endure. Only patience can help us here, and I speak from my own experience. I am naturally very impatient, but I am ready to be patient here because it is the only means that can help.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/6/13, Writings of Rabash

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