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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is more important in dissemination: the act itself or its result?

Answer: The answer doesn’t depend on us; it depends on the action itself. The action is the effect of the influence of the Upper Light first through your efforts in the center of the group and then through your efforts in working with the public.

You work with both these points. If, at the beginning you try to enter the center of the group to find the Creator there and to work within this center, then you connect to this source; you preserve it within you. Then you go to the public to connect to it; you ask them questions, give them explanations, and constantly think about how you pass the Upper Light to them so that they will wake up, so that they will feel it, and maybe now, even unconsciously, implicitly, it will begin to operate on them.

Your intention to pass, as a conductor, the Upper Light from the source, from the center of the group where the Creator is revealed, to the external group, is called an act, the spreading of the Light in the network between all the souls.

If you do this, then the results don’t depend on you. Let them be revealed, not even with the first attempt but from the second or third time. You will see how it works.

You will see it according to how people will begin to change, how your audience will feel hunger for these meetings as they will long to come and again, connect, “Here there is more warmth! I am recharged here, enriched, energized!” They will feel it inside. They will need it like oxygen. That is the result.
From the Talk About Group and Dissemination 10/20/13

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