One’s Location Determines His Work Conditions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The massive dissemination action in Israel makes us feel jealous and there is a feeling that we are doing something wrong in Russia. This leads to arguments in the groups.

Answer: I am asking you all not to take Israel as an example since there are unique conditions here: We have a TV channel that enables us to reach many people, and it is a relatively free country so we can actually do whatever we want to.

But there is also a massive force here that opposes us and we have to accept it according to the condition that the force of the action equals the force of resistance. If we can print newspapers freely and give them out, appear on our private TV channel and broadcast live shows, it is given to us according to the force and the efficiency that we have to attain here in order to penetrate the shell, the interruptions. This is fulfilled in a different manner in every country.

I am sure that the conditions that were created all over the world match the force of action and the resistance precisely. The Creator always creates such optimal conditions so that you will be able to do whatever you can and whatever can be done in a specific place. These are the efforts that create the vessel in which you will be able to feel the Creator.

We shouldn’t think that it could be easier and better in one place and that you could be more successful there. Absolutely not! As it says: “He who changes his location, changes his luck.” It is because when you change your location the upper Providence operates on you in a totally different manner, according to the specific conditions you are in.

So you shouldn’t envy one another in this sense. You should learn from one another and help one another, but not envy one another! It is impossible to change certain given conditions to different conditions.

When I visit the U.S., I see that the conditions there are totally different than in our country, but if our friends choose the work style correctly, they still have the same opportunities to discover the Creator just like in any other place on the globe.

We are all under the supervision of the upper Providence, so you should under no circumstances put yourself in someone else’s place. This is very wrong. It all depends on the upper Providence that operates that way on each of us and we shouldn’t envy one another. Every person has his own soul, his own fate, his own place, and his own inner and external conditions, and we should just give him a chance to implement them correctly. We must remember and care about that.
From a Talk About Dissemination 10/17/13

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