From Lowness To Greatness

Dr. Michael LaitmanAccording to the purpose of creation, we must ascend to the height of the Creator. However, our egoistic desire is not capable of it. It seemingly wants to grow up, to become great because it’s “something out of nothing.” It has a grain of “something,” meaning the Light that produced it, but by its nature, by its essence, it comes “out of nothing.”

This is the basis of the contradiction inherent in our nature: On the one hand, it aspires to greatness, and on the other hand, it cannot achieve anything. We see this in evolution, from the history of human development. In the desire to receive, it’s impossible to obtain anything in the form of permanent or growing fulfillment. In the end, the only chance for a successful application of egoism is to reveal the evil inherent in it.

Therefore, it’s so important to show one’s own lowliness. If a person acts as a researcher in a laboratory in order to reveal the property of lowliness in the desire to receive, it’s the good, true, and shortest path to reveal the Creator.

Here, we are required to work on self-denial. Within its framework, everyone must elevate the goal in his eyes and in the friend’s eyes and to receive from the group the examples of devotion, friends’ love, love for the Creator. All this is so that eventually he discloses his lowliness. It’s said that only the low will see the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/06/13, Shamati #26

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