Finding Your Place in the Thought of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe exist in one thought, the thought of creation, and we are part of a big program that fills all space and brings into action the entire upper and lower reality.

Attaining this program, finding your place in it, and the ability to realize it independently not through force, and instead of being a small cogwheel, be its part that actively participates with an intention, attainment, agreement, equality, and greatness, this can become the purpose of life for each one of us.

When we connect to this thought and join the common flow of this program that has an enormous number of parameters, we will experience eternity and perfection because this eternal program is for all the worlds and all of reality, and it connects all the parts of creation and all the worlds into one. We will feel the harmony with which all of the parts of this program are governed, and at the same time govern everything. We will feel the beginning and the end of creation, since the beginning, the process of development, and its completion are interconnected and beautifully correspond to one another, and each one has the freedom of choice and the right to bring this system to action from beginning to end independently.

And the amazing part is the revelation of the enormous, common, integrated system, which carries out all the actions from beginning to end without interfering with our capability to bring it into action and be its masters. And when man rises to the level of the thought of creation, he connects with the Creator and becomes His associate; this is what it is to unite with the Creator. We unite with the Creator in the thought of creation. It is written: the righteous are the Creator’s partners; He creates and destroys worlds while they correct the creature.
From Kab TV’s “Kabbalah for Beginners” 10/21/10

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