The Convention Holds Great Power

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we are at the Convention, how can we progress by faith above reason, how can we “do and hear“?

Answer: The Convention is a great gathering of people. There are thousands of participants who will attend physically, and hundreds of thousands more surrounding us all over the world. All these people create an environment for you which values the quality of bestowal and love, and understands that this is the future of the world and without it the world has no future.

The world is becoming revealed to us today as integral and interconnected into a single system. Yet, if every element of the system tries to “pull the blanket over itself,” the system disintegrates.

Therefore, being in conditions of a global crisis, we have to understand that the world’s correction lies in a harmonious connection between people. When we attain such a powerful unity among people who realize this, every person gains the opportunity to absorb the common feeling and receive enough forces to acquire the quality of bestowal. We should only make the effort, try to bow down our heads before the environment, and become inspired by it.

The environment’s influence can be so powerful that a person will feel the common quality of bestowal that lies in our interconnection. Then we will reveal this quality, which is normally invisible to our egoism. When we all try to merge into one whole, we generate such a great force that we can accomplish this revelation.

We are studying the works of Kabbalists, meaning people who have already attained the quality of bestowal and who describe it to us. We are studying precisely the sections that relate to this quality’s influence on us. The study and the general aspiration will enable us to connect to this force.

Thus, the Convention holds an enormous effect and benefit for a person’s spiritual development.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/10, “He Who Strengthens His Heart”

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