Working Without Any Compromises

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Letter 29: Here my master, father, teacher, and Rabbi of blessed memory assured us that by following His way and maintaining His conduct, we would merit His eternity, blessed be He, and adhere to Him, blessed be He, and enter into the palace of the King.

We need to clarify in a fundamental manner all of the conditions and laws that were established for us by Baal HaSulam and maintain them in all their details. For if we deviate even somewhat, then we will immediately by pass by the goal, will not realize that we passed near it, and did not notice. Therefore, in our work we must strictly carry out all the conditions. In this, we must be steadfast as a rock so that nobody can cause us to fall.

There can be no compromises, suppositions, or excuses to make this work easy, pleasant, soft, and seemingly more successful. There is no other success than holding on to the conditions that Baal HaSulam taught. Only in this, do we need to see our success and not in anything else. Therefore when I sometimes hear complaints, I take this as corruption and an attempt to divert us. And here we need to stand on our own without any compromises.

Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of Kabbalah and Its Essence”: I am glad that I have been born in this generation when it is permitted to disclose the wisdom of truth. And should you ask, “How do I know that it is permitted?” I will reply that I have been given permission to disclose. Until now, the ways by which it is possible to publicly engage and to fully explain each word have not been revealed to any sage.

This is to say, we can reveal the entire wisdom of Kabbalah only in accordance with the audience, so as not to confuse them. But there are no secrets any longer.

And the matter doesn’t depend upon the genius of the Kabbalist himself, rather upon the state in which the generation is found; for all of my merit in revealing this wisdom is established by my generation.

We belong to a unique generation that not only agrees with the instructions of Baal HaSulam, but also by all outward appearances signs, is selected to expand and implement the wisdom of Kabbalah. Therefore, for every person who goes resolutely, directly towards the goal, doesn’t agree to any compromises, and considers it the only important thing in his life, is assured of success. And someone who wants to make a business of the wisdom of Kabbalah or to exploit it for his own ego is doomed to failure.

In our generation this is no longer possible. The time has arrived in which we must realize this method not in the form of some kind of mysticism, religion, or tradition. All of the religions are collapsing and only this method is flourishing and will make it possible for a person to grow from the ruins of all the faiths, religions, and all kinds of methods.
From the Talk during the Meal Dedicated to the Memory Baal HaSulam 9/15/13

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