Attainment Instead Of Games

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe difference between impurity (Klipa) and Divinity, is that the Klipa instead of acting and as a result of the action reaching an understanding, as it is written, “by your actions, we will know you,” it wants first of all to understand, to reach an attainment from within reason and doesn’t look for spiritual attainment. The difference is very slight, seemingly insignificant, but one must constantly fight for it. It’s exactly here that the line lies between empty philosophy, between those wise ones who research our system as if they understand something spiritual, and the spiritual way.

How is it possible to understand something and talk about it without attaining it? People can’t understand that besides the intellectual clarifications, there is spiritual attainment, a change in a person’s attributes, a different perspective in which he discovers Lights, Partzufim, worlds, and then he can speak about them.

Instead of that, a person takes the words from the wisdom of Kabbalah, the words from the Kabbalists who discovered spiritual forces of the system, and with their assistance begins to play with them as if he understands what the spiritual world is about, what is going on, and what stands behind each word. It’s like a children’s game where the child plays with a car or with a plastic tank. Children imagine that everything is really taking place, like in life, but when we look at them, we understand that it’s only a game.

It’s exactly the way people think about Kabbalah after they receive theoretical knowledge without any attainment. However, this is also good, since quickly they will discover their mistake and will come to receive the true knowledge and will want to participate.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/13, The Zohar

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