We Live In The Era of Disaster

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergei Pereslegin, philosopher and futurologist): “Where is the world going? The world is not going anywhere, the world has come. The crisis of the industrial phase of development has been noted since 1967-1973. September 11, 2001, the collapse of the Twin Towers, is the beginning of the catastrophe phase: the economic, political, social, and military crisis.

“Can we overcome it quickly or are we facing 60 to 300 years of the Dark Ages, like after the crisis of the ancient civilization? It will be followed by the next phase of development with different laws. This is primarily the transition from individual to collective thinking, to complex human-machine systems, to complex game organization. The transition can occur in several ways.”

My Comment: Relax, we are not approaching the disaster era, but rather, as the author predicted, the transition to a collective (integral) thinking. And the technology of this transition exists. It is called integral education and upbringing. And it is already being realized, being developed. When the world becomes aware of the need, it will be fully prepared and ready for implementation.

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