The Crisis Is One Of The “Tentacles” Of The Monster Of Globalization

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Peter Koenig, former World Bank economist): “It is an artificially imposed, holistic crisis. Holistic meaning that it is a step towards full spectrum dominance of the US hegemony and its co-opted European allies. It is one of several tentacles spanning the globe, probably the most powerful, of the monster of globalization – towards a One World Order (New World Order) – a term already coined and used by then British PM Gordon Brown at the London G20 Summit in 2009. Ideally, the new world order would eventually be led by an elite served by a class of serfs. The middle class would basically disappear.

“Other tentacles, like NATO and eternal warfare against invented ‘terrorism’; Genetically Modified Organisms – GMO food; the petroleum cartel; pharmaceutical and other non-transparent industries – would help limit or reduce the world population, so that the elite could enjoy the Earth’s finite and non-renewable resources with a comfortable life much longer than if these resources would have to be shared with 7 or 8 billion people.

My Comment: There are many versions about the nature of the crisis, and even if we had known the “most correct” one, we would need to add to it the version of the Creator: His program of creation, His plan and purpose. So, without knowing the hidden calculations of the “great” of this world who are ruled by the Creator, we know directly from Him what will be!

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