Dressing The Words With Emotion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that our desire is not fully formatted yet and that there is still another component or a step we have to take that is missing. How can we attack and in what direction exactly?

Answer: In what direction should we advance in order to draw a greater Light upon ourselves? In the direction of connection, so that it will bring the Creator contentment.

Forget about all the nice words and start using emotional human language and then you will feel what you lack. This will be your attack.

What should this attack be? Who are we attacking? We are attacking only ourselves in order to systematically shatter and soften our internality.

I don’t want to calm you down, but you have been through many states during this convention. Today is the third day of the convention and at this point we usually end everything and everything gradually fades and people begin to think about leaving. It isn’t the case now and it shouldn’t be; no one is thinking about that; everything is focused only on the last blow, the last effort that will be revealed as the place where the Creator is revealed.

The place where the Creator is revealed is when a person joins the general connection. After all, each of us envies the fact that the others are more strongly connected than I am: I hear one friend, a second, and a third one and I feel how connected they are and think to myself, “Dear God, how can that be? What about me?” I don’t feel that way; I am really not there yet.

Should the strong desire to join the friends and to lose myself among them be the main desire and should I think about what I am doing this for only later?

We can, of course, clarify our intention before we act, but here and now we must first act.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 5

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