Don’t Judge The End According To The Beginning

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam Article, “A Handmaid That Is Heir to Her Mistress”: “Opposite them are illuminations that can only act instantaneously. Hence, when they appear here in their worldly branches and are given control, not only do they not correct, they ruin. Our sages call it “unripe,” as it is written concerning the Tree of Knowledge and Adam HaRishon, that they ate unripe fruit. This means that it is truly a dainty delight, destined to delight man, but in the future, not at present, as it is still growing and developing. This is why they compared it to an unripe fruit…”

The correction of the Kelim (vessels) is carried out according to particular stages and we don’t define them but our behavior in the states through which we pass.

The entire world was created for the good of the person who works, which is to say, who grows spiritually. In other words, if a person wants to attain spirituality, he accepts all stages of his life with thanks, blesses the bad and the good to the same degree, in that the bad is like the good.

Everything comes from the Creator and I only need to realize all of my states in the most useful way. If I act correctly, then the next state will seem easier to me, that is, closer to realization from my side and more understandable because I have prepared myself.

A question can be asked here: Is the next state truly revealed as easier or do I become wiser by following my right action today so that this next stage will seem easier in my eyes? Does the Creator present an easier challenge for me or has my preparation done its work? What exactly has changed?

The truth is that one depends on the other and we have no possibility of establishing the advantage of one of the factors in regard to the other. Indeed, no matter how much the person rises, in spite of it, all the evil inclination will always remain suspended above him. And as much as he hasn’t prepared himself, apparently it will be necessary to undergo greater corrections.

That is how we advance, and in truth in most circumstances not much intelligence is required of us. We only need to accept the action that appears before us as correct and combine with it the necessary intention.

We don’t have the ability to make an exact determination of what the reason is that this state or another happens at this moment. It is also linked to future development and many details that are found within the general system. And therefore, “simplicity” is the best approach here, the right relationship in regard to every action.

Therefore, every time this state or another appears before me, I must accept it as being the best for me. It comes from the Creator who is good and does good and there is none else besides Him, and in this state I must act so that specifically within it, as a result of my effort, I will discover the Creator as the good who does good and that there is none else besides Him.

If I begin to correct my relationship and through the present state change it to an opposite relationship and bestowal, then I discover “There is none else besides Him” and the “Good who does good.” As much as a state may at first be bad and harmful, in the end it is said to be expressed in a form in which the Creator can enter.

We must always remember that the beginning and the end can be opposite each other, as Baal HaSulam explains in his article, “Concealment and Disclosure of the Face of the Creator.”

Suppose that in my eyes today everyone is a thief and a criminal, everyone hates me and fights with me, everything is black and terrible, I live in a nightmare and only lose in everything in addition to my previous losses, errors, and all the opportunities that I missed in life. I simply eat myself up about His sending me a state like this. And as long as I have not corrected it, it will continue to devour me.

Everything is such that I will correct myself and will see “There is none else besides Him” and that He is “the Good who does good.” Consequently all the bad transforms to being most useful and the best so much so that the “angel of death,” the Pharaoh, the worst enemy, becomes a “holy angel,” the highest good.

Imagine the worst people and the most terrible states in your life. So if you have not yet discovered the opposite in them, this says that you have not yet succeeded in correcting the past and you have not at least transformed the unintentional transgressions to merits, not to mention the intentional transgressions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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