Your Own Eyes Will See The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash: “Make Haste My Beloved”: Therefore when one prays for the general, he engages in bestowal by this prayer. And the more he prays, the vessel of bestowal is formed to the same extent, so that the Light of bestowal, called “merciful” can be revealed.

We don’t know how it happens. We have troubling thoughts only about ourselves and we cannot think about anything else. We read and hear that we have to think about the group, about the environment, about the friends, but we don’t have the power to do so.

Sometimes we succeed but mostly we don’t. We may remember for a couple of minutes that we should think about others, but then we suddenly encounter some personal problem which troubles us more than anything else and deviates us from the love of friends, the Creator, and the next world.

We see that what we go through now in this world, the need to solve a certain problem that has come up, is the most important thing for us. Sometimes we cannot get rid of such thoughts for months and sometimes we are occupied with them for years and they cause us great pain.

This is how the Creator teaches us and reveals to us our true state. He gives us the accurate standard by which we can evaluate the state we are in: What thoughts and desires we have, what matter we are made of, which means what exactly the desire to receive is. Thus we learn about our matter and how deeply immersed we are in troubling thoughts about ourselves that come up one after another and constantly occupy us. We keep returning to them and cannot do anything about it.

Sometimes they occupy us more and we are totally immersed in our concern about ourselves. Sometimes this pressure decreases and we understand that all these problems were given to us on purpose in order to teach us to resist them and not to dedicate our whole life to them. Sometimes we feel that all these problems are supposed to push us to other thoughts: about the goal of life and its meaning instead of being immersed in our small worries about our corporeal existence. After all, no real disaster ever happens.

Still, we cannot get rid of these egoistic thoughts. This is how the Creator teaches a person and it’s about that that it says “make haste my beloved.” We don’t feel the importance of the Creator anymore, the greatness of the goal. We wake up in the middle of the night troubled with our eternal personal problems and cannot get rid of them. They simply give us no rest.

We turn to the group for help, to the friends, and don’t know what else we can do. Thanks to the fact that we are among friends and participate in their activities, we finally understand, after all these efforts, that everything that happens is a game from above by which we have to learn how we are being played with from above. We see that the Creator trains us and wants to reveal to us the uppermost importance of the spiritual development by doing it.

We suddenly begin to feel that the thoughts about the friends are more important to us than all the troubling thoughts about ourselves. On the basis of these thoughts we can examine and measure how important the spiritual goal is, which means bestowal upon others, thinking about the friends and worrying about all of humanity. It is compared to the troubling thoughts that we get a chance to assess whether we can hold ourselves above them to the same extent, and worry about the good of others and the Creator.

We understand that this process is essential so that we will finally understand the importance of our spiritual advancement, of the spiritual goal. After all, spirituality has no form, no picture, no image; we form the spiritual world by ourselves, like a wrapping that is made of the intention of in order to bestow above our corporeal life. It’s as if we change the world into an opposite world and thus build the spiritual world.

It’s as if the spiritual world does not exist before we build it with regard to the person who attains it. It turns out that it’s actually above the troubling egoistic thoughts about ourselves and struggling with the problems that we have a chance to build the spiritual form that is fulfilled in us. This is why it says “your own eyes will see and not a foreigner’s eyes.” Only then will those who can face all the obstacles and overcome them—and by them learn how to build the cover of bestowal on top of all our corporeal reality—turn it into our spirituality to see the Creator.

Then we see that life has no meaning by itself. This world is only an illusion that was created on purpose so we would be able to build the real eternal spiritual world on top of it.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/13

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