Using Billions To Combat Unemployment

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from EUobserver): “Seventeen EU leaders meeting in Berlin on Wednesday (3 July) pledged an extra 2 billion Euro for a youth employment scheme that so far was pegged at 6 billion Euro.

“The Berlin gathering was a ‘three-in-one’ summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the concluding press conference, as it also included labour ministers, heads of employment agencies and the representatives of big EU-based companies – the European Roundtable of Industrialists. …

“Merkel said the purpose of the gathering was to look at concrete examples of what works when governments – who have the sole responsibility for social and labour policies – try to reduce their youth unemployment rates. …

“But for a few hundred young trade unionists from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Poland and France, yet another high-level meeting is not making much difference for the 5.6 million unemployed youngsters in Europe.

“’Europe’s youngsters need more than Merkel’s hot air,’ one banner read at the protest staged outside the chancellery on Wednesday.

“Another told leaders to invest in young people, not banks, a reference to the bailed-out banks in Spain, that have now put thousands of people out in the streets because they have no jobs and cannot pay their mortgages.”

My Comments: Funds and credits are created according to the possibility to be “appropriated” by their own people. But today, it does not deceive anybody; no one even hopes that there is a solution to unemployment. Most likely, all the comments are like jokes. It depends only on the pressure of people when the elite understands its hopeless situation and will listen to the method of integral education as the means of solving ALL problems.

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