United With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the article “Thou Hast Hemmed Me In Behind and Before” we learn how the rider and the horse move in perfect accord. We, like all of creation, play the role of the horse, and the rider is the Creator, who manages it fully and naturally. There is not one movement that the horse makes without the influence of the rider. But the horse itself wants to go along with the rider in accordance with his desire to understand and to predict the desire of his owner to such an extent that the horse will act even before the rider influences it. This means that we have to reach such a level of connection with the Creator, that we act in His place, thinking and feeling in His place; this is how strongly we should be connected and adhered to Him.

Here we attain the next level, the next problem: What are we doing this for? We do so in order to bring the Creator contentment and not so that we will feel good. If I do things for myself, I detach myself from Him because of the difference in attributes. So we have to think about the fact that we don’t just want the revelation of the Creator, but want to do so in order to bring Him contentment.

Then we begin to feel how He wants to be revealed to us, in order to bring us joy, in order to tell us about everything, and to draw us to His world of eternity and wholeness. Our world, which conceals it, that is between us and Him, and our bodies and everything that surrounds us will gradually disappear. Then we will see only the one force that manages the world and that we are in it. In fact, scientists also begin to speak about this today.

So we have to start feeling pain and joy as a result of our intention. Why do we want to reveal Him, for our sake or for His sake? Here is the last work our ego has to do. Once again we demand from the Creator to give us the intention that everything is from Him and everything is for Him. All the questions, all the demands, all the requests, the prayers , all the complaints, everything is to Him.

Don’t ever try to find the slightest movement inside you. If there is a problem, turn straight to Him, no matter what it is, and operate with Him. If you focus yourselves correctly on this force, you will see how everything works out. This means that I want to reveal this force because there is only Him in the world and only so that all of us will connect in order to become “one below Him,” to unite as one single “horse.”

We have to feel joy for being in contact with Him, no matter if this contact is good or bad. If I feel the contact with Him in the worst feeling, it’s a sign that it’s a good state, if I don’t remember Him in the best feeling, it’s a sign that it is a bad state.

We have to value the states according to the intensity of our contact with the Creator. Then we will gradually move from feelings in our desires of receiving to feelings in the desires of bestowal. This means that all our joy, all our yearning, is already aimed at Him in order to bring Him contentment, and then in the intention to bring Him contentment, we begin to receive the upper Light that fills us. The Creator in His entirety enters us and we begin to feel that we are one whole with Him, as two lovers that connect.
From the European Convention 3/23/13, Lesson 3

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