The Choice Between The Calculation Of The Donkey And The Calculation Of Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need to accept all events patiently and see them in two ways, along two lines, from the point of view of judgment and of mercy, so as to distinguish precisely between what influences my “donkey” (my egoistic substance) and what may influence the human in me. Then I will feel a split within me and to the extent that it is possible, I will adhere to the human in me.

If I suddenly discover that I have been in the donkey part for quite some time, I need to be thankful for this instead of being sorry about it. After all, it is the Creator who arranged it so that without noticing it, I became clothed in my “donkey” so that I again would include the donkey desires and discover that I again had returned to the donkey calculations. From there, I must rise to the human calculation and strive more and more to hold onto that with the help of the group.

If I forget about the group and I have nowhere to take their material, their thoughts in order to attach and develop the human part in me, the Creator throws me into my donkey again. Thus I gradually build the human in me with the help of these two sources: the group and the donkey.

When we suddenly find ourselves below, within our will to receive, and again make pragmatic material calculations as if there were no Creator and higher purpose, and no spiritual path, rather only our ordinary life, we don’t need to regret this. One should regret only a little that the Creator threw him into a “place of filth,” into the stinking ego, and the main thing is to draw conclusions, to depart from this descent and begin to compare the states to understand and feel them better.

In this way, these terms enter more deeply into the mind and feelings of a person who makes an effort to analyze them within himself. Thus he constructs a control system for himself and his states, and so he advances.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/3/13, TES

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