The Body Is Temporary, The Point In The Heart Is Eternal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I connect with this gigantic European family if I am not acquainted with anyone personally? On what level is this connection realized?

Answer: I also do not know anyone here, except for 10 – 15 people that I came across personally, and I don’t even want to know. What does it matter to me what their names are?! I never remember names and don’t know whether it is this person or another. This isn’t important at all! What is important is that he has that same desire as you, and therefore you are both attracted to it, and together you have already become some kind of whole. From this connection is the whole of our method.

What is the connection to the bodies of people here, where they are from, what language they speak, what their characters are, or if it is a man or a woman? It doesn’t matter. We need only the connection of our points in the heart and nothing more. In any case, ultimately, in another few decades these bodies will no longer exist in our world, and only the points in the heart will be left. And those we need to connect in order to feel eternal existence in them.

All matter gradually disappears; nothing is left from it. The main thing is our eternal point! When you begin to pay attention to only this point in the heart, you will begin to relate to a person completely differently. I often scold my students, you know how I am, but I very much love this point in them.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/22/13, Lesson 2

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