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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that “spirituality” is when the other is more important to me than myself. How can a person want that? Isn’t there anything else to it?

Answer: Yes. This is indeed spirituality. What’s more, you are given everything that you want except bestowal upon others, and you constantly choose only that.

The whole point here is the clarification of the vessels, desires. No one is asking us to do something that is above our nature. We are simply changing, and then we discover that the attribute of bestowal is important for us, not in the egoistic sense anymore, but in itself.

You are not taking into account the actions of the Light that Reforms, but in the meantime it influences a person and so a person changes. What’s more, he changes in such a way that he doesn’t have the same mind and feelings he had before; everything changes and becomes new.

So we have to allow the Light to operate. Let it do its job, open yourself to the action of the Light; it’s on the outside, surrounding us, so let it touch you; let it touch your desires, which you now cover from the Light. The moment it starts to operate, you will see how everything changes.

It’s because we are in a world that is on the lowest level, restricted, “specific”; we are limited in time, motion and space. It’s simply awful, but we don’t understand what is going on. Great distances separate us and are between our understanding, our feeling, and our attainment. They were created as a result of our desires, as each one is focused on its self-benefit.

On the other hand, desires that are in bestowal are incorporated in one another. If we all want to bestow only goodness unto one another, we are incorporated in one point, where there are no distances between us, where we annul this world. Imagine a world without distances, without time, as the Light operates on all sides. According to Einstein, if you move at the speed of light, you don’t see what is before you anymore, it’s as if the light comes to you from all sides, and the concepts of time and motion disappear…

Today we simply don’t understand that we are living in a tiny meaningless dimension, we live and die not knowing where our mind and feelings are, sunken in the bottom, in lowliness. So let the Light influence you a little. You cannot even imagine its attributes. It isn’t just “bestowal,” it’s a different dimension in which the importance of others is not a source of confusion and embarrassment. Expect the Light to save you.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/13, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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