In Order To Become A Grownup

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You spoke about our responsibility to the world.

Answer: In order to rise to the next level, we have to connect to pass on this model to the world. We cannot exist only for ourselves. It would mean that we are detached from the other levels. If we act only for ourselves, then we will stay in a state of smallness. There will be nothing more in it except what we understand and feel now.

In Order To Become A Grownup

In order to move on to the next state, we have to become grownups. We can become grownups in spirituality only in order to give birth to another and to fulfill the other. So if we unite in order to fulfill others, in order to pass on something from us to others, then we will receive the upper Light.

It isn’t just our obligation to the world. We need it, so that we will receive the revelation of the Creator, the revelation of the upper force, the system of the upper Providence, the entrance to the next level, to the next dimension. We will not receive and will not reveal anything if we don’t do it for others. We are a transfer system, each of us, the whole group, all of us together.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/22/13, Lesson 1

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