Beyond Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who created the Creator?

Answer: We exist in a world that has a beginning, an end, time, limits, and expansion, that is to say, changes. And the spiritual world, even its lowest level, is wholeness. Wholeness cannot be changed; it cannot be that something whole has a beginning and an end. Therefore, the question about what happens in the spiritual world, to say nothing of the Creator, is illogical. For you see, nothing changes there.

Everything changes in our world only, and it is changed only from the first point to the last point, from the infinite state in which we are like an embryo, to that state in the infinite world in which we are completely corrected. In the entire spiritual transformation only the smallest fragment on this way—our world—undergoes changes. And there are no changes in all the rest; there reigns eternity and wholeness, time is absent.

Physicists and psychologists have already spoken about this. Therefore, there is no reason to discuss who created the Creator, was there something before Him or not.

I hope that in the near future we will make the necessary effort and you will feel what “beyond time” is that we learn about in The Book of Zohar in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar”. This was described more than two thousand years ago. Already then, the Kabbalists wrote openly that time doesn’t exist, that the spiritual world is found beyond time, and that the current comprehension of our reality is false. Essentially, the world is found within a “matrix,” in a completely different dimension, where there is no time, space and movement.

That which seems to me as outside of me is essentially found within me. We will grow and will see all this.
From the Meal before the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13

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  1. So, ultimately, God can be described as the ground which everything moves against. The one who provides motion. So God is not change (time) but rather the cause of it.

    So how does this matter to us spiritually? Now think about your mind and your thoughts how they are always moving. Because of this motion we must conclude that there is a place of thought which does not move and instead acts as the ground for thought to move on. This immovable thought would be one with the immovable body, God. An immovable thought would have to be “truth” because truth can be distorted, obscured and argued but not changed.

    Now, only God can have all of the truth. If you achieved absolute likeness it would make you like water poured into water and you would indistiguishably “combine” with Him. So, for a man to have all of the truth of God he must first accept that he can not get it for himself but rather only God can give it because it is only His and only for Him to give. Even our imperfect flesh can not combine with the perfect spirit of God because our imperfection corrupts. So it is equally ideal for us to seek perfection of body, form, and actions so that we can be filled with a higher form of spirit.

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