How Should We Calculate The Spiritual Correction?

How Should We Calculate The Spiritual CorrectionQuestion: What can we do in order to correct all our 613 desires?

Answer: We don’t know in advance what we have to do. This becomes clear to the extent that we participate in the work of the group, and this group is incorporated in a big body, in a bigger group, according to the analogy of our body in which the cells are concentrated in a certain organ and the organ is incorporated and integrated in the other organs.

That is, a system of forces and desires that are connected and are in mutual bestowal and mutual help is gradually formed. The system that is forcefully formed between us is the bedding on which we feel the Light, the upper force that created us or the Creator, which is the same thing.

So we cannot calculate our movement forward. We simply have to move towards an increasingly more internal connection between us, not so much in words and actions, but in our intentions and desires, and in the internal manner try to feel that we are connected in one network.

This is actually what is being revealed to the world today: its interconnection. We don’t discover anything special here but simply try to implement this connection and to be part of it. The fact that it’s revealed to the world as a mutual integral action, as the mutual connection of all of humanity, is perceived by everyone as undesirable and compulsory. We want to discover it as desirable, as something that we have to enter and to exist in, in equivalence with nature, with the Creator.
From the Virtual Lesson 3/17/13

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