Don’t Remove The Nail That Holds All Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanDon’t forget that our Kli (vessel, desire) is outside of us. It’s a shame to waste time  worrying about ourselves, on what goes in your inner borders since it’s all a lie and exists only because of the force of the breakage, the force of our ego that creates this picture for us.

Of course, it’s possible to live in this illusion for another few thousand reincarnations. But it is desirable, if you have reached an incarnation in which you are finally beginning to hear the truth that your “I” is not you, but is your imagination, that you rise above it; you were given an opportunity to do your best to realize it.

If you continue to think within your circle, then not only do you not approach the truth, but you also cause great damage to others. It’s as if you drill a hole in the bottom of the common boat. In this way you hurt others and all this damage is registered in your account.

We can’t calculate this damage exactly. It’s as if I took a specific nail for my house and then afterward suddenly discover that it is this precise nail that was missing in for the completion in the construction of a big and beautiful boat in which thousands of people were supposed to sail. And of course the damage that I caused is not estimated by a small nail but by the thousands of people who were damaged through my wrong-doing.

However, I don’t understand. What terrible thing have I done? I didn’t do anything bad to anyone! How could I know that this nail was so essential to them? But my lack of knowledge doesn’t clear the blame from me, and the court won’t take that into consideration. The judgment is very simple: the damage was caused to the general system. As is said, “The law was given and cannot be transgressed.”

It’s possible to apologize that you didn’t know and they didn’t tell you, but this account wasn’t arranged according to our calculations, but only according to the damage caused to society. Whether this was revealed to you or not, if you knew or not, is not taken into account. It should be remembered that judgment is merciless.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/3/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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