A Family In Which Everyone Is Loved

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur desires are divided into two:

      • “Animal” desires—related to food, sex, family
      • “Human” desires— related to money, respect, knowledge.

In every circumstance, both these and those are related to this world; there is nothing spiritual in them.

A Family In Which Everyone Is Loved

Regarding the lower group of this world, it’s possible to say that these are “personal” desires. And the upper are “social” desires. And above, all of us are one family. In any event, we strive for this.

Question: Which of the desires arouse gossip and slander in us?

Answer: In particular the desires for respect and control.

Question: And how do we contend with this in order to be one family?

Answer: In crude language: shut the mouth and the ears, to harden the heart. This is the work. Nobody demands from the other to be corrected, but it’s necessary to understand the need for correction and to want it, or at least to aspire to this desire. You see if the desire is ready, then from the point of view of the Light, there will not be any hindrance. And meanwhile I raise, as it is called, a “prayer before a prayer,” a want to want.

A Family In Which Everyone Is Loved

Question: How do my negative thoughts separate the family that we want to build?

Answer: This is the same thing as boring a hole in the side of the shared boat. You see, one hole is enough to sink everyone. Moreover, even if I don’t add my effort, my support, this is already harmful. We need to want with all our powers to be one family. In it there are no beautiful and ugly, wise and foolish, good and bad; the Creator gathers us, and we need only to love one another. All are beautiful, all are wise, all are good, all are loved.

Question: Our group is one Partzuf. Does a similar division of desires exist in it?

Answer: If we already become one Partzuf, then all of our particular desires are mixed together, are included in each other. Overall, we are working with a joint account. And within it everyone receives a different Partzuf, not as it was before. With this merit, those desires in each one are integrated in a new form. Thus we are combined in thoughts and receive an immense driving force towards advancement, negatively and positively alike.

Question: What are the minimal compulsory desires in a group?

Answer: I don’t have anywhere to acquire new spiritual desires from if I am not included within the group and I will not begin to receive a new “model” from the friends. I have no other possibilities. In general, according to the degree of advancement, we gradually build a Partzuf, which includes and covers everyone together.

Malchut of the world of Atzilut in itself is a point in which there is nothing, an empty place, into which we enter and join one another. Everyone strives to work for the sake of the others, and then we have a shared request for correction (MAN).

Suppose, that five people are gathered, each one has a part, a desire, ready to unite with the others. Malchut de Atzilut connects all of these parts, takes care of them, helps them to contract all the rest, and builds from them one shared desire that is not realized yet. That is what rises to receive the Masach (screen) that at the end of the matter, everyone receives. From this Masach everyone gets back what he invested.

Thus, everyone works according to one desire. According to that principle, interaction exists between the neurons in the brain, the cells of the body, the synapses, which build different integrations with every action, and so forth. There is one principle everywhere: to gain a common desire, to process it, and to prepare for the next step. Every state, every moment on this way, is not like the previous moment, and in the end we correct them all.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/17/13, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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