There Is No “Little Bit” In Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We had an exercise yesterday in which we tried to relate to everything as a “dialog with the Creator.” After all, He is the one who is sending us all these states and we have to respond to them correctly. How can we “grow stronger” in implementing this approach without settling for a couple of attempts a day? How can we deepen this insight so that it will run through our whole life?

Answer: A person cannot always evoke himself by himself. He needs an external “stimulus.” The best external stimulus is the group. This is why we speak about mutual guarantee.

In the framework of mutual guarantee it’s not enough to guard the other so that he won’t make a hole in the boat; it isn’t enough to guard the other so that he won’t have evil thoughts; in addition to that, we have to make sure that he has good thoughts. If we all keep the mutual connection and the common yearning for the goal, no one will have evil thoughts but only good thoughts.

Then, of course the evil thoughts will begin to awaken at a very rapid pace, but they will immediately fall onto the right ground: It will be clear to a person that it’s an interruption, “help against,” that is meant to evoke him and to tighten the connection with the friends and through them with the Creator. Then everyone will be able to easily process even millions of similar thoughts a day, and within a few days he will fulfill the whole level of this world.

Everyone worries about everyone else. Everyone is connected in one mission, in one common goal. I feel that I have to think about the goal for the sake of the others. I want everyone to yearn for it; I can’t leave the connection with the goal and with the Creator since if I do, I would betray my friends and would turn into a criminal, a cheat, a thief, who steals the spiritual world from others and who nullifies their exertion along the spiritual path. What’s more, I steal from the Creator; I deprive Him of pleasure since I hold the group back and don’t allow Him to give the friends what they yearn for. I am the one responsible for that.

This is what everyone should think. After all, there is no “little bit” in spirituality: If someone doesn’t work to the fullest, everyone suffers. So think carefully about what you do and about what worries you during the day.

Other than that, there are times when you admit, “Now I can’t think about the friends. I have to rest, take a nap, or be distracted by something else at least mentally.” These breaks are external to the adhesion to the group and the Creator and later you will not feel a need for them.

But in the meantime they are necessary, and so at a certain point you say to yourself, “I will take a break and rest from everyone.” You may fall into an “animal” state for half an hour or an hour, but you decide for how long; you decide not to think about what’s important for a while. Then you will feel the “foreign” thoughts about spirituality…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/13, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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