The Right Hat

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we say that the miracle of Purim symbolizes a certain exception to the absolute rules?

Answer: The slight illumination that appears in the image of Mordecai summons and leads to a great Light; we must first understand that the clarification is by the Light of Hochma and not by the Light of Hassadim. It is the Light of Hochma that separates the items “cutting off” one from the other like a knife: this is good and this is bad, this is one way and that is the other way.

Without Haman, this clarification would be impossible. But Haman has to come by Mordecai. Just as a flashlight is not enough in the dark, it must first be focused on the right spot, which means to prepare the deficiency in advance; Haman must be added to Mordecai so that it will be possible to manage him correctly.

As for the miracle of Purim, it is like the miracle of the exodus from Egypt; if there is no great Light that shines, we cannot connect the vessels. There has never been such a great Light as in Purim, a Light that connects all the ends into the “middle line” and then raises them to the first restriction.

Question: Why was it necessary to kill Haman?

Answer: Haman symbolizes the intention of “in order to receive.” Is it possible to leave this intention alive?

After all, it isn’t about the vessels of receiving which are eternal, but rather about the intention, about how to use Malchut: whether in an egoistic way or an altruistic way, with the intention of in order to receive or in order to bestow. Who will manage the King’s treasure, all of Malchut, in the King’s favor, Mordecai or Haman?

First all my vessels, all my desires, are egoistic “in order to receive” (↓). All this is called “Haman.” On the other hand, “Mordecai” is the intention of only in order to bestow (↑). So we have to change our vessels from one intention to another intention. By that we kill “Haman” and raise “Mordecai.”

At the same time the vessels remain the same, and we only change the “cover,” the “hat,” the intention, which is called the head of the Partzuf. The treasures, Malchut with all its 127 states, remain, but we pass only on the control from Haman to Mordecai.

The Right Hat

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/13, Shamati # 37 “An Article for Purim”

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