Safe Like In A Mother’s Arms

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe solution is in mutual inclusion. We connect not only among us, with those who are physically at the convention but also with all the friends around the world who are connected to us virtually. The desire of the women is incorporated in us and, in addition to that, all the Kabbalists throughout the ages who operated on our level are participating in our actions and continue to operate even now.

After all, nothing disappears in spirituality; all the forces continue to operate within the general eternal system. You will feel how they are behind us supporting us in an absolutely real way and compared to that our world is only an opportunity to get to know this reality.

So everything stems from mutual incorporation. When a person wishes to be incorporated with others and to absorb their desires, he will feel internally that there is a great network of connections. He has to feel all the levels, all the forces, all the souls that operated in this network in the past and operate in it now.

From there we draw all our powers; we are like babies who only need to let out a little cry, and from this little cry, just like for a baby, the whole network begins to operate. The “grownups” already know how to take care of us and what powers to pass on to us, how to strengthen us, and how to take care of us. There is no doubt that they will do their job.

This is called raising MAN, a prayer, which I can raise according to my level. I ask the upper one to do this work, but I have to show Him that I am loyal to Him, which means that I place myself in His hands like a baby who finds himself in his mother’s arms and doesn’t worry about anything. He knows that he is in the safest place possible. There is nothing safer than being in a mother’s arms.

In the same way, we too have to count on the power of Kabbalists that they will do the whole work. Clearly we have no power to do it. It’s only by our dedication and connection that we prove that we totally submit ourselves to the upper force so that it will take care of us.
From the Arava Convention 1/17/13, Lesson 1

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  1. When a baby is safe in a mother’s arms, the baby hears words of love and sweetness, and good truth and beauty about the Greatness of the Creator. When a baby is safe in a mother’s arms, songs are sweetly sung, and there are smiles and laughter and pure trust. Words like Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Ashpaa, Ahava. When a baby is safe…

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