Games For Grown Ups

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Roger B. Myerson, American economist and winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics, author of Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict): “The nature of the financial crisis, the war in Iraq, democracy in Russia, endless military conflicts and terrorist attacks, cures for depression, the presidential election … all these are games, which humanity has been playing for centuries. …

“So our lives are—the game. To win, you just need to follow the rules. A game is a process that involves two or more participants. Working in teams, shopping, negotiations, conflict and war… . Everyone wants to realize his own interests and uses a special strategy. … Game theory studies general rules that will reduce stress and facilitate peace.”

My Comment: Kabbalah views everything that happens as a game because without imagining the future state, it is impossible to reach it. I often talk about this in class and always cite the example of children who develop due to games. But a game should be carried out as by children, according to the rules of nature. In children it happens instinctively, but in adults only under the laws of development that Kabbalah reveals.

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One Comment

  1. How could anything that is transient and temporary, be anything but a game? Life has laws, games have rules. In games you can cheat bend and break rules, same with this so called “life” You can cheat, and manipulate and take advantage of those who are not as familiar with the rules. Only the degree is different. Play, but play seriously is an old saying.

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