Experts: Unemployment Will Rise in Euro Zone

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Global Talent Strategy): “According to the Ernst and Young Eurozone Forecast (EEF), 2013 will be a tough operating environment for both business and political leaders. Businesses need to plan for a European “lost decade” as growth will remain muted and unemployment will continue to rise throughout 2013, peaking at close to 20 million. The peak in unemployment is expected to be both higher and slower to unwind in the peripheral economies with the unemployment rate expected to reach over 28% in Greece, 26% in Spain and almost 17% in Portugal.”

My Comment: Inevitably, they should be engaged in integral education; otherwise, unrest will spread and flare up throughout the EU; that is, the error of not implementing mandatory integral education that was allowed when the EU was created needs to be corrected. The same error continues to this day with the reception of immigrants; they are not required to study and accept the laws and rules that exist in the society to which they immigrate.

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  1. One of the problems today (among many) that our forefathers did not possess, is everybody seems to lack focus, they end up running around trying to do a million things at once and accomplish nothing. My Grandfathers at least had the common sense to focus on a task. Haha, they lack the principle of Integration. All as is it should be, the world seems to need to go through this phase, to “shake it out” so to speak, then realise that this approach does not work.

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