Break The Shell Of Separation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do women have to meet physically during their preparation for the Congress?

Answer: I don’t think it is so significant, although, women should stay in touch with each other.

I strongly advise them to hold workshops about the unity among women. Have them sit in a circle of 5-10 people (as we usually do) and let them discuss questions like, “How can we unite? What do we do for that? What are the ways of rising above our egoism and our usual calculations? Can we fight our desire to be distanced from others and just be within ourselves, and so on?” Can we in fact break the shell that exists in each of us, and unite with each other?

It is an extremely complicated psychological problem. In fact, it is a spiritual dilemma.

Men also face the same problem; however, in their case it is a little simpler, since men are able to hug each other with less effort and for them it is much easier to unite. Even in this material world men have lots of activities that bring them closer together, like going to restaurants, etc. They don’t mind spending time together at all. For women, it is considerably harder. We have to think about this before the congress.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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