Only He Commands The Parade

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the process of the spiritual work we begin criticizing our friends. We should stop doing it immediately and acknowledge that the Creator does it to us on purpose. He hardens our hearts and sets up bad situations so that we get desperate and appeal to Him for assistance and request our friends’ help, thus enhancing our liaisons and the intention to unite with each other.

Therefore, we must be prepared for the permanent shutdown of connection with others and constantly remember this because we will come across thousands of distractions on our way. We should keep in mind that it is the Creator who disrupts us acting via other people.

We should always stay tuned to “There Is None Else Besides Him.” At the same time, we should continue working according to our own system. We must realize that we work against the Creator and that it is He who permanently leads us. Likewise, we put a little child on the floor in order to teach him to walk. He cries because he is afraid to make the first step, but we continue pushing him ahead. Thus, he eventually learns to walk.

In order to reveal the Creator’s property of bestowal, we need to have a natural intention to connect with others. If we rebel against it, we should acknowledge that this sensation comes exclusively from Him and that He wants us to apply more effort. The more exertions to advance that we make, the more obstacles on our way He creates. He hardens our hearts and sets up hindrances.

So, when we look at our friends and see lots of negativity, we must understand that it is He who draws this picture for us. He does it on purpose so that we rise above our sensations and begin to justify, love, and appreciate our friends, irrespective of our negative thoughts and ideas. We always should keep it in mind!

The same applies to the group. When we think of the group in a scornful manner, “Why do I need them,” it means that it is time to remind ourselves that it is the Creator who commands us.
From the Virtual Lesson 12/23/12

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