Today We Have ALL Gathered Here

Dr. Michael LaitmanIsrael is a high degree. Every person who has separated himself from material interests and is only directed at adhesion with the Creator, with the force of bestowal according to the law of equivalence of form, and devotes every moment to this is called Yashar-El (straight to the Creator), Israel.

One of the stages on the path is to enter into a pact, when a person integrates the others, those who are also called Israel, into himself. Once they were already united, but the desire to enjoy, the evil inclination, entered between them and separated them. And now, in spite of the fact that they reveal it, they nonetheless work on their connection all the time in order to reach connection, and to provide the Creator with the vessel for the reception of pleasure.

The goal of creation is the delight of the created beings. This is the action on the part of the Creator, so why was it given as the task of creation? Because the creation has to bring itself to such a state to give the Creator an opportunity to bring it pleasure. Our work is to reveal this vessel for receiving pleasure. And the pleasure is to give the Creator an opportunity to bestow.

As is it said about the miracle that happened at Mount Sinai: “Today we have all gathered here,” that is, from this point forward we receive the ability to connect and be worthy to be clothed in the upper force. And now we are called the chosen people; this general vessel is called the people of Israel. And He who fills this vessel according to the law of equivalence of form shall be called our Creator.

Therefore, there is a condition: “Today we have all gathered here,” that is, we should all get together to become as one—one common vessel for the realization of the goal of creation, to benefit the created beings.

It is said: “And the people stood under the mountain,” that is, having broken all doubts (Har – mountain, Irurim – doubts) to achieve unity. We need to take care of our common connection so that none of us forgets about it.

Real mutual guarantee is needed for that. That is what we lack, and this is the reason why we have not yet succeeded in building the common vessel. This is all because of the lack of mutual participation, care that each friend is concerned about connecting everyone into one, so that we “have ALL gathered here!”
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/03/12

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