Duty To Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Could you please explain to us why you, as a Kabbalist, leading the whole world to unity, pay special attention to the Jews and Israel? Doesn’t Kabbalah, as the method of general correction, pertain to all nations?

Answer: I can assure you that I come only from the need for universal integral correction of the world; I see the goal to unite everyone in one desire to reveal the Creator in us. Moreover, in this revelation the Creator is manifested precisely in the desires of the nations of the world. But the revelation itself occurs through those who were in it in their previous reincarnations, and these are today’s Jews, although they do not suspect this.

To correct the world, they need to be brought, to the extent possible, to study Kabbalah. Who leads them to it is everyone in whom the point in the heart is awakened, both Jews and non-Jews, all the members of the world Bnei Baruch Kabbalah group. Their studies attract Ohr Makif, the Light that corrects egoism, to them and through them as Jews to the entirety of humanity through the internal network of connection of all created beings in a unified integral system.

That is why the nations of the world subconsciously feel that the Jews have a secret (conspiracy), and that they are the cause of suffering in the world. Thus, it’s necessary to call the Jews, carrying the genes of the spiritual world (Reshimot) from the time when they were in its revelation to the fall from that level 2000 years ago, to fulfill their duty to the Creator and humanity.

See the explanation of Baal HaSulam in “The Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” p.60.

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