Creating An Integral Image Of Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is the ego that is revealed between friends in the integral group different from the usual, beastly ego?

Answer: It is the ego of a completely different level. It appears to the extent that a person longs for integrality (for integration), and it appears only in those people. It’s like a new body that you intend to create now. By the way, specifically you create it and no one else. By attaching small egoistic cells to the new body, you begin to feel how those parts are in opposition to one another, in conflict, in contradiction, and this is really so in our body.

If we take an atom, then aren’t the plus and minus opposite and opposed to each other? However, without an alliance between them, there wouldn’t be a component from which all the material would be created. From within conflict and connection of opposites, we begin to obtain everything.

We ourselves, through our efforts and through the positive and negative attributes that appear in us equally, create, form this image, this integral system which is called “Adam” (man/human). We positively long for a connection between us, and instead of that, we receive negative influence, separation. And again with this separation, we yearn for connection at the next level, and again we repel each other with the new ego. And thus each time we rise to a new integration.

And who is the man here? “Adam” is what connects together the two opposing forces of nature. These two forces are not ours. We view them from afar: Now I hate others, yearn to love them, connect to them, and am repelled by them. Within me operate two forces of nature. I, myself, am a neutral component, but by using them like two reins or two opposing forces, plus and minus, I build a human spiritual body. This is the body that exists, like a dipole, egoistim and altruism, by which they mutually support each other.
From KabTV’s “An Integral World,” 11/26/12

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