An Illumination Of Eternity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the definition of the “Creator?”

Answer: The “Creator” is the force of bestowal in a person. If a person feels that he belongs to connection and bestowal, then the Creator is already alive in him. A person feels something new that is not his own, something upper, and wants the upper to be in him, since by that he acquires something better, even on a corporeal level.

Question: Does it turn out that the general reach the revelation of the Creator unconsciously?

Answer: That’s right, since it is AHP and not GE, only “from Your actions shall we know You.”

The general that operate in connection feel a better life in their actions. Imagine that suddenly everything works out, you and your family have everything, your children are taken care of, you are healthy and secure… where does this happiness come from? It stems from the connection among us that gives us a general collective feeling that we are like brothers. A kind of unity, love, and an agreement that the Creator is dressed in the created beings, connects us.

In addition to that we feel a kind of eternal flow in this. There is a special illumination in the unity, which tells a person: “You are alive and you will continue to live.”

I receive this addition by connecting to others and living in them. My life is divided between everyone; I am totally in them and by that I feel an eternal life, an eternal existence. The illusion of life and death disappears, since it was felt only in my separated and limited ego. Now, however, when my ego is spread among everyone, when I depend on everyone and everyone depends on me, I don’t feel that I am dead anymore; I live among everyone.

This is all the psychology, the internal feeling. All this comes to the ordinary person, when he makes steps towards connection. He feels an addition of spirituality in every aspect of life. It is “spirituality” because he comes out of himself towards others and is under the force of bestowal. Even if he acts according to the blows, not understanding exactly the actual reason for what is happening, even if everything has been taken care of for him, it is normal. We too operate this way with regards to the advice of Kabbalists.

Although the emphasis of the general is on the action and not from an inner clarification, they too discover the Creator and experience the spiritual feeling. Every one who takes part in bestowal is already called “human,” even if he is operating on a totally mechanical level. It makes no difference since he is also part of the general whole.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/14/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah“

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