Transformation Of The Pharaoh To The Holy Angel

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe force of Love of the Creator that from the beginning isn’t found in the created being is transferred to him in an inverted way. This is called the evil inclination. According to the measure of love with which the Creator relates to us, it enters us in a reversed way and breeds in us the force of hatred, a degree of separation. If we would invert it now, then it would turn to love.

Transformation Of The Pharaoh To The Holy Angel
The Creator creates the desire to receive and transfers to it all of His force of love. The desire itself is just a small point, but now it is in an environment of this force of love that it feels as a world of hate.

We must transform this hate back into love. That’s all! This is called the “mountain of hatred” transforms into the “mountain of holiness.”

We work only on our intention. We don’t consider the desire since it was given to us by nature. Everything depends only on where our thoughts are directed. Thus, it doesn’t matter what a person’s desires are. They don’t depend on him. From the beginning there are Taryag (613) desires, and all of them are for the sake of reception. Man wants to take advantage of the Creator and thus it is called Pharaoh. And all of our work is in transforming this Pharaoh into a holy angel.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/13/12, The Zohar

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