The Ladder Of Kabbalists

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Messiah’s Shofar”: And because of that, Rashbi permitted himself and disclosed the wisdom of the hidden in his books, The Zohar and the Tikkunim. However, it was with great care, since he only permitted Rabbi Abba, who could disclose with intimation, so only the sages of the children of Israel would understand, and the sages of the nations would not understand.

A Kabbalist who attains the spiritual world is like a scientist who discovers something great. If you ask him to explain his discovery, he’ll not find the words for it and not be able to find a clear coherent definition. In order to do that, we need methodologists who pave the way for people to the summit of knowledge.

So if we are talking about the first convergence, Rabbi Abba could rewrite the words of Rabbi Shimon so that they illuminate even for beginners, for those who are at the foot of the wisdom of Kabbalah, and help those who advance in the spiritual levels to ascend. He arranged the material in such a coherent way so that there can be a smooth transition from “grade to grade,” from one level to another. Even if an ordinary person wants something, like a baby who opens his mouth instinctively, that’s enough. After all, he already has a digestive system, which means that the food he receives from the great ones will help him grow.

This is what Rabbi Abba knew how to do: to disclose with intimation, thus allowing even a beginner to approach the secrets. Rabbi Shimon attained the whole world, and Rabbi Abba knew how to bring his words down and to arrange them for our ascent. This is why The Book of Zohar is like a spiritual ladder for us.

Baal HaSulam adapted The Book of Zohar even more for modern times through his Commentary on The Book of Zohar. We think that he added Kabbalistic terms, but it isn’t so, it’s something else. The additional explanations do not add anything by themselves. On the contrary, they can distance a person who wants to learn this book from the inner essence. This is because then a person simply fills himself with knowledge.

No, Baal HaSulam eased our way even more so that we will hold on to it and advance by both the mind and our emotions. Kabbalists were worried and made sure to pave this path, the ladder, and to provide us access to it.

Question: We too would like to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah in a clear envelop and at the same time with a “filling” that will advance people. How do we do that?

Answer: It’s imprinted in us on the instinctive level because we study by the method Kabbalists passed on to us. A person who studies here and is dedicated to the path has it, thanks to the connection between Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Abba.

After all, everything stems from The Book of Zohar and only that spiritual root operated for all the generations: the upper attainment (Rabbi Shimon) and the path, the access to it (Rabbi Abba). All the other friends from Rabbi Shimon’s group, including his son Rabbi Elazar who speak about the end of correction, are incorporated in this system.

So this is the meaning of “disclosing with intimation”: Even during the concealment, everything that a person needs is revealed on the way.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/5/12, “Messiah’s Shofar”

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  1. Many thanks for sharing this wisdom freely. So blessed by it and what has been learned already.

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