“Interview: U.S. Fate Is In U.S. Hands”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Zbigniew Brzezinski, political scientist [blog author’s comments in bold font]): “I do think that we have unfortunately delegitimized ourselves, therefore making it easier for some parts of the world driven by historical narratives to be instinctively hostile to us. We have ignored that, and we have acted as if we were endowed with some special mission. George W. Bush even said, ‘Our nation is chosen by God and commissioned by history to be a model to the world.’”

This is the mistake on the part of the US.

“We have to start understanding as a nation that we have to act differently. We have to rebuild coalitions. … If we are intelligent about it, we are still in position to be the most influential force in the world, but we have to be intelligent. And to be intelligent, we have to have leaders who understand this, who have a sense of the fundamental historical change that is making this century different from the preceding one.”

This is impossible because for this they need to know the plan of the Creator, Nature, instead of inventing the future themselves that is opposite to the goal of Nature.

“But more important, perhaps, or at least as important, we have to have a public that has some rudimentary understanding of foreign affairs. What really makes me worried is that our public doesn’t understand the world. It’s not even informed about the world. … We have a public that’s ignorant and susceptible to demagogy. And that handicaps leadership, even if it is intelligent. Of course, it becomes worse if the leadership is not very intelligent and itself operates with simplistic slogans.”

Ignorance of the world and its future form is in our case the general condition of all those controlling the world.

“We are less aware for a very simple reason: because the world is much more complex. Americans weren’t better informed about global history before, and they are still abysmally informed about global history. Americans weren’t very informed about global geography. They’re still basically ignorant, even though that is scandalous. …

“But I think what it would take is some shared national consensus about how we define a decent and responsible life in the modern complex world. I don’t think we have that. We have slogans about being successful. We have slogans about ‘job creators.’ We have slogans about everybody having the right to reach the sky in the quest for material self-satisfaction. We have a definition of the good life, which involves the accumulation of material goods plus entertainment.

“These are clusters of issues that are interrelated, and it will require a real jolt for us to start thinking seriously about how we can re-create a healthy society here that is still the compelling image for the world that it once was. Then, the American dream was widely shared. Today, it isn’t.”

For this, you must at least have a plan of the future history of humankind and the possible ways of development as they are dependent on our behavior; all this is given by the science of Kabbalah if we will wish to reveal it for ourselves. The fate of the world is in his hands if he understands how to manage this fate.

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