In The Era Of Globalization The Crisis Is A Contagious Disease

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from TD Waterhouse): “World trade will grow by a mere 2.5 percent this year, dragged down by Europe to less than half of the previous 20-year average, the World Trade Organization (WTO) said on Friday [September 21, 2012]…

“‘I see the risk more on the downside than the upside,’ WTO Director General Pascal Lamy said at a news conference in Singapore. ‘What could be surprising is that you have a volume of trade that is lower than world (economic) growth.’ …

“‘The main reason for the growth slowdown is of course Europe,’ said Lamy… ‘We also know U.S. growth is lower than expected, (and) Japan is not in great shape.’”

My Comment: It is left only to discover how much we are connected not only economically and politically, but also spiritually. We, all of humanity, are a single whole in nature and completely dependent on each other in everything. The development of nature and human evolution are intended for us to reveal this fact in the near future, either through suffering or awareness, and thus evoke in us the need to unite as one family, contrary to and above all our contradictions “by love above hatred.”

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