Free Projection

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn spirituality there is a vessel that is made of two parts: GE and AHP. All the Kabbalistic books describe precisely these spiritual roots. The results are in our world: “the branches.” In other words, the action of the roots from the world of Atzilut create their replica here.

We can compare it to computerized graphics that are reflected on a screen so that they can be easily viewed. I see figures of people on the screen: Some of them are a projection from GE and some are from AHP. In spirituality, there is a force called “Abraham” which clarifies the vessels, the desires, into two types, and as a result, there are two groups in our world: Israel, which means straight to the Creator (Yashar-Kel) and the nations of the world.

Everything stems from the roots, which in the spiritual “computer” are processed by a special “addition” until the end of the program. We follow the process on the “screen” which is our world. Now according to the relations between these two groups, we can learn about their roots, or we can rise to the roots and learn about the branches.

Free Projection
But there is a gap (∆) between the projection on the screen and the “computerized source, and that is the fulfillment of our role. Inside the computer the absolute whole controls and the one who is in charge of the screen has freewill (choice) in fulfilling the goal. This option is concealed in the group called “Israel.”

Two correct claims regarding this problematic element stem from this, on the side of the nations of the world and on the side of the Creator who is behind the “sources.” It is Israel who should bring the world to correction and show everyone what is good and what is bad and should explain the plan of creation; in short, it owes everyone.

Israel can be proud of this obligation and this special work, the Creator’s work, or they can dump it as “irrelevant.” In any case, as we see from history, everything revolves around these people, fortunately or unfortunately for them, depending on how you look at it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/12, “A Handmaid That Is Heir to Her Mistress”

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