Don’t Pull Yourself Up By The Hair

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why doesn’t the Creator let us succeed in anything, and forces us to turn to Him?

Answer: He gives you this entire world and obligates you to perform different actions, and He trips you so that you will turn to Him. Otherwise, why and in what way would you succeed?

After all, all you need is to turn to the Creator. How else can you correct yourself and become similar to Him? You won’t pull yourself out of the swamp by the hair yourself, or, as it is written, “A prisoner cannot free himself,” since you are only a desire to receive.

So, you go through different states just like the rest of the world. The Europeans, for example, are trying desperately to keep their “union.” Actually, they seem to be blind and stupid, but what can they do?

Nothing will happen until they go through this entire process and finally give up. They will have to recognize their failure, either before the war or after it, saying, “That’s it. We don’t know what to do.” Then, they will listen to us.

So, we must prepare a letter in advance with instructions for them and send it to them. It is our obligation. It doesn’t matter who receives it or who reads it. It doesn’t matter what wastebasket it might be thrown into or in which file it will be buried. We must do it.

The same goes for each of us, but differently from the Europeans. We must turn to the Creator because He is the source of all the forces. Who else can help us? We need the Light that Reforms and we need the force of bestowal to reside above the force of receiving to stabilize it accurately with regard to it.

All our work comes down to turning to the Creator. All our free will is in doing it as quickly as possible, by preceding the afflictions. Why should I experience my failures year after year in order to break down eventually and then turn to the Creator?

As it is written, “Who is wise? One who sees the future.” So, I want to become a wise man now! Why should I suffer for years? What will I gain from it? This advancement is called the “path of suffering.”

The good way is when—without delays, through the group and by other means—I draw the Light and immediately understand what I have to do, how to ascend. Why should I sink deeper and deeper into the swamp of afflictions, diseases, disasters, depression, and constant threat?

Question: How should I want this if the Creator controls my desire?

Answer: He controls my desire and inserts into it a motivating urge from the next level. Now, this level seems dark. Turn to the group, ask for the Light that Reforms, and it will be illuminated. It is dark because you are looking at it through the opposite attributes.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/29/12, “Exile and Redemption”

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