An Emotional Outburst

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have noticed that there is a lot of laughter and jokes during the discussions in integral groups. How serious should these classes be? Should we somehow fight the laughter?

Answer: No. We need to give the emotions an opportunity to come out, rise above us, laugh at ourselves, and understand where they come from. We are dealing with the origin of the second level “Man” above the “animal” level in us. And this is why these two levels have an equal right to exist. Under no circumstances should we suppress the animal level. The egoistic level remains, it flows beneath us, and it’s always in the process of growth. And accordingly, we grow and rise above it. We’re not able to grow without the growth of egoism in us.

It’s hard to determine how much people are developing egoistically during the first encounters in an integral group. However, later, different excesses and contradictions will start appearing in them. And working with it now becomes very interesting, since the purpose is to develop our integral interaction through this. This will happen later.

But for now, laughter, exclamations, a variety of very deep inner outbursts, represent the inability to express our sensations. All of this is the need to ascend: either a negative one, which comes from egoism, or a not yet resolved or realized altruistic level. But this is a good thing. The main thing is to let it all come out.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/5/12

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