The Informational Layer Of Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan, by nature, doesn’t want to simply live out his life but wants to understand it: What drives him, through what program, and to what purpose does it lead? And this is why he studies life, or in other words, studies Nature.

I dwell in the world and am exposed to the influence of various factors. However, how I am being governed is unknown to me. A little child is driven by internal impulses, and we can clearly see how the innate nature brings him into motion. But in adults this is less apparent

The thing is that you can only research something if you’re at least one step above it. Then it’s as if I “absorb” the object of investigation into myself, perform an analysis and synthesis, and draw conclusions. This is possible because my rational and emotional perception is higher than the object of my study.

But what if I’m inside Nature, which works on me and is the source of my thoughts and desires? In this case I don’t know what will happen to me in the next moment, how my life will unfold, what will happen with the world in which I depend on everyone. There is information here that I cannot bring into my reason, into my sensation.

How can I keep all this under control? After all, I’m totally confused; I’m not drawing from life all the good that could be extracted. We see this firsthand in humanity, which doesn’t know why it lives, how, or for what. Even prominent, intelligent people ultimately end up following along their own rut.

Thus, we can only truly examine our life on the condition that we’ll be above it. But how can this be done? Here we need some means of ascent above our nature. Then, while still remaining as me, I will, at the same time, look at myself from above, from the side of universal Nature, from that realm where all the thoughts and desires are generated.

There are such people in the world who truly feel what will happen tomorrow or even in a few years. Today, scientists are also acknowledging the presence of a certain informational layer in our reality. Within it, the fates of each of us and of the world as a whole are laid down, the entire program by which we develop. However, we’re unable to establish a connection with it on our own, and this is why even the immediate future is unknown to us. And most importantly, we don’t know how to act correctly today in order to secure this future.

In past generations, we weren’t particularly drawn to knowing the “program layer.” Life wasn’t so complicated and confusing yet, so it was quite sufficient for us as it was. It is written: For with much wisdom comes much sorrow….” Today, however, by turning a blind eye to what is happening, we don’t temper our suffering, but on the contrary, we strengthen it. I have a problem: I don’t know what will happen tomorrow and the day after, how to behave so that everything would go right—and yet, knowing this is absolutely necessary in our days.

The course of development has brought us to this stage at which we must reveal the program of life. Without it, we’re facing the threat of dangers and a lot of suffering. And anyway, we have sufficiently matured and developed to such an extent that this question gnaws at us and calls for our intervention in the program. In the end, we’re simply obligated to reveal all of Nature, ascending towards the informational layer integrated within it. Only then will we make decisions and deal with problems according to the acquired knowledge and we’ll secure a good continuation of the path.
From the Lecture in Colombia 4/29/12, “Group and Spiritual Development”

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The Law Of Universal Balance

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhy does Nature require me to learn its laws? Is it only in order for me to know how to make fewer mistakes, how to enjoy myself, and how to avoid troubles and problems?

Or perhaps, through troubles and problems, Nature wants to raise me to the level of knowledge and control over myself, to the level of control over the world? This is a completely different level of existence and consciousness.

Apparently, we are confusing the cause and consequence. Today, troubles force us to look for possibilities to ensure our success in the present and in the future. They are the reason, due to which we understand Nature. However, it’s not true in fact. The problems only push us from behind to direct us towards knowledge, and learning about the universal Nature will open for us completely new horizons, a new dimension.

We will feel a new reality, not the one we perceive today in our five sense organs like animals. Ultimately, we just slightly surpass them in intelligence and ingenuity; we can build comfortable houses, cook food, dress, but on the other hand, animals don’t have so much to take care of for their existence.

Our advantage is different: We can rise to the level where we will live not to take care of our corporeal life. On the contrary, taking care of the physical life will lead us to an understanding of general Nature, and from there, we will move forward in another dimension, feeling reality not through our animal nature, but through higher consciousness, through the information program that will be revealed to us. This degree has no relation to the current existence: It’s much higher.

Today, many scientists talk about this like many wise men of past generations. The only question is how can we achieve this? Can we reveal the higher reality? How can we reach the level of universal Nature and feel it the way it is?

First, we need to understand what Nature is. By its actions, we see that it controls us by two forces: pleasure and pain. They are like two reins that constantly force us to pull towards pleasures and escape from the blows.

For example, I assume the most comfortable position possible in the current circumstances. I process a lot of data: the state of health, the shape of a chair, the status of the people around me, etc., and as a result, the body is arranged with the greatest possible comfort. This happens every second of my life—in desires, thoughts and actions. How can I rise above this control?

Exploring Nature, I discover that there is a single unique law acting in it: the law of universal balance. Nature strives for balance and gradually brings all its parts into balance, to calm, to a state of rest. It all leads to the greatest possible order, according to global relationships—from the Big Bang through the connection of cells in highly organized forms of life.

All of Nature lives in balance, and only the human being began to break away from this framework around three and a half thousand years ago. He started to apply his mind to use the others, to rule over them, and this addition violated his balance with Nature.

However, we can compensate for this evil force of development with the good force, which we will reveal in the same Nature. The negative force acts on us instinctively and beyond our control: We have to counterbalance it with the positive force, which we will obtain consciously. And this is possible due to the influence of the environment, because desiring to be better and higher than the rest, I am thus dependent on the society. And besides that, I depend on it to satisfy my basic needs. Thus, I have to use the environment, to establish contact with it, so that it brings me the positive force. And then I will control my life.

Thus, it is not by chance that a human was not created alone, but as a collective being and was placed in the environment of other people. Through them, he can be brought up. Indeed, unlike animals, which don’t require upbringing, a person must learn from the environment many factors in addition to those he was born with. The environment adds the positive force to my egoism, and we can manage our life, our destiny, with ease and comfort.

When we begin to relate appropriately to the existing possibilities, the program of Nature, its initial plan about us will be revealed. Thus, we rise to a new degree of knowledge and consciousness, which lies above our current life. Detached from the corporeal existence, we rise in our desires and thoughts to the eternal flow of information, and we will live in it. No matter what happens to my body, I will live in this stream of consciousness characteristic of Nature and all its developmental levels.

This is the degree of the Human Being (Adam) who is similar (Domeh) to the Creator. After all, the Creator is the great program that exists above us and which we continue to attain, ascending higher and higher.
From Lectures in Colombia 4/29/12, “Group and Spiritual Development” 

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