Wall Street Arvut Boston Style

A letter from my student: At seven in the morning on Saturday, several people from our “Arvut special forces,” Wall Street, New York, traveled to Boston, one of the oldest, most beautiful, and enlightened cities in the USA. We were invited by our friends at the Boston group who had spent several weeks establishing a relationship with the organizers of the “occupation” camp there.

The sympathizers at the camp were eager to take leaflets, but the movement wasn’t growing and mutual inclusion was not happening. We were told that the Boston movement was a small scale movement. It was unclear what work was needed and how to incorporate the message of mutual guarantee in the masses since there weren’t any “masses.” However, since our friends said, “You have to,” Arvut responded, “You got it!”

After all, four hours spent shaking in a double decker bus was not the end of the world, and it was an opportunity to catch up on the sleep we missed while connected to the convention in the Arava desert. We arrived on location at noon, and our friends greeted us with so much warmth that we had no choice but give back at least double what they had given us!

During lunch, we discussed our dissemination strategy for the day. We had no time to waste. We needed to examine the camp and figure out where to go in order to serve the most people.

As we arrived at the camp, we saw that the area, as well as the number of tents, must be three times greater than Zuccotti Park on Wall Street in NY. There were a few bums and druggies, but of course, they were the ones to “watch over” the occupied territory. Surprisingly, there was no cloud of smoke over the camp, and there was only one tired police officer somberly observing our wanderings around the location.

We were surprised at how quiet and empty it was, until we were reminded that the protesters were going to have a forum from two to six that afternoon at a school only minutes away by car. We headed there.

To be absolutely honest, we did not think that we would be able to do anything productive at a place where the organizers had their meetings. On Wall Street, a meeting never ended with anything except slogans or a discourse about ways to satisfy individual or group selfish interests.

However, we should have been already in the habit of expecting surprises from Above as this is exactly what happened. First of all, the hall was filled to capacity. There was practically no empty space.

There were already too many people and due to safety laws we were not allowed inside the hall. However, once we mentioned that we had arrived from Wall Street as a work group, we were immediately let inside. Then, once everyone was seated at their tables, others were also allowed inside.

We were surprised to see that the hall was filled with round tables, and five or six people were seated at each table. Everything appeared very organized, like a conference or a convention.

The event was conducted by women, probably teachers. The forum started, and we placed our multicolored leaflets on our table. The leaflets had varied content with the one message of unity and mutual guarantee, education of the masses, and so forth, everything that Kabbalah teaches us.

The moderators proposed having group discussions at the round tables. Table moderators and participants rotated, which was done to let everyone answer questions regarding the movement and work together on a solution to bring about a peaceful revolution toward the desired outcomes of social justice, freedom, and new social relationships. It was very interesting to work with the different groups of people who sat at our table, which included, for example, a psychiatrist, teacher, or Harvard University student.

In reality, we got really lucky. All the people who participated in our discussions quickly accepted our information. They took our leaflets and discussed with us what they thought needed to be done.

In general, they agreed that education of the masses is the most important. They agreed that the current events in the country are only an echo of the changes in the world and that these changes are more likely to be evolutionary that revolutionary in nature.

Together, we wrote down the main solution points. Then, the visitors at our table took this and our materials to other tables and other groups.

We were given the microphone a couple of times, and we informed the Boston “occupants” of our experiences on Wall Street. We explained that the New York movement experienced a crisis, and the camp was very quickly and definitively taken down because of our inability to unite in our intentions and goals and because of our lack of understanding of how we are to work on the solution to the problems.

We were treated with a lot of warmth, and it was clear that they were very concerned with the future of their movement. After one hour of work, we clearly heard words like “unity,” “together,” “responsibility,” “group,” and “we.”

We constantly held our intention and were together with our entire Kli on the inside, along with those who had gone to the desert. We raised MAN in our thoughts, asking that the round tables should spread like waves around the entire country. We asked that all the “occupants” would unite at forums, discussing these serious goals. We will help them solve the problems.

The Boston forum lasted four hours, and the rotation of groups and discussions was quite productive. We became acquainted and exchanged contact information with several Harvard students and forum organizers with the purpose to work together on the web. We promised to visit their next forum, and the students promised to disseminate our materials.

We needed to rush to catch a bus to New York before evening, even though the conversation would continue into the morning of the following day. Our friends tried to film everything that was happening at the convention, but we were asked to stop filming. Perhaps they did not want the government or mass media to know the content of the convention or to show their faces since many participants might work at universities and other academic institutions.

We left tired, but inspired, with great impressions from everything we had seen, especially because we did not expect to receive such a great gift from above. Our dear Boston “Arvut landing forces” saw us off with as much warmth as they had greeted us with earlier in the day.

We so admire the people who did more than they could spare for the world and for us. After all, some had sick children at home, some had to work, but they still found time for the dissemination of Arvut and to help us all. Their modesty, simplicity, and kindness, their attitude toward the things that Kabbalah speaks about, their faith in Arvut, and their mutual actions have made an enormous impression on us.

One more time, we have understood how small we are and how great our friends are. If it were not for them, we would not have had an opportunity to see how much more we can do, both in this country for the ninety-nine percent and within us, in the very root of our egoism. We thank them!

Now, we will wait and hope for what will come after the attainments in Arava, the deeds of our great men and women at our world centers, and the dissemination attacks done by our great “special forces” in the cities of the USA. Real round tables will start appearing in this country with the purpose of discussing the future, where we will sit together with the ninety-nine percent and each other. We will connect them to us with our desire to bestow.

Let us never stop, friends! Let us finish our egoism with our love for the people because the Creator loves them. We want to be the mirror of His perfection.

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