The Time Of Revelation Has Come

Dr. Michael LaitmanBina of Arich Anpin purposefully comes out of its head and descends downward to help the children, ZON. Bina itself becomes filled with the Light of Hassadim (Mercy), which was not restricted, and this is why it is completely free and can be anywhere. ZON clothes Bina, and since the latter has split into two parts, ZON also splits into two parts: an upper and a lower one, GAR and ZAT.

This separation begins in Bina with the four phases of the Direct Light, where Bina is obligated to separate its lower part, to use it to bestow. The upper part, which wishes to bestow, produces the lower, receiving part, ZAT de Bina, as well as ZON, where this bestowal is realized.

When the Creator creates reception on the first phase, the creature does not agree with it. And when the creature wishes to become like the Creator, in GAR de Bina, it has no choice but to return to reception, but this time at its own will. It begins to use its nature in order to bestow.

The Time Of Revelation Has Come

GAR de Bina is an independent point that tells the Creator: “I do not use the desires You have given me!” And then it returns and says: “All right, I will use them, but because I choose to.” This is the place of a point where this decision is made—a boundary, a section. This point in the middle of Bina is called the point of freedom of choice: the middle third of Tifferet.

And this is why we also always divide in two, GAR (Israel) and ZAT (the nations of the world), with the section between them. Below are the desires to receive, above are the desires to bestow. This ladder never changes.

In our days, when AHP, the so-called 99%, is beginning to reveal itself, we need to know how to work with it. This is the first time that the full structure of the entire ten Sefirot (Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP together) is becoming revealed, and this is why the time of correction is coming. Now Galgalta ve Eynaim can actually act because until now it was only the period of preparation, with no opportunity to actually realize it in action.

Galgalta ve Eynaim only exists to correct the AHP. These desires belong to Bina from the beginning, which is called upon to take care of AHP.

We should know about this separation as we use it to attract the upper Light, as well as have a better understanding of what is happening around us. We will soon see with our own eyes how all these things materialize because this upper structure has started to reveal itself in our world in practice. Who knows how long this will take, whether it will be months or years, but we are on this track because the first revelation already happened.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/23/2011, TES

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