The Keys To Life That We Pass On To Our Children

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is an adult’s obligation to teach a child and to give him all of the necessary preparation for adult life during childhood. And the same thing happens in the spiritual world: The upper level gives the lower level all of the “keys,” all of the means for continuing to build itself.

The lower level just has to figure all of this out and make a free choice to keep going. There is nothing else to do but this. All the forces are already at our disposal.

Therefore, the small state (Katnut) is considered fundamental, while the great state (Gadlut) is an addition that sometimes appears and sometimes disappears, depending on the efforts of the lower one. But he always keeps the small state, which serves as a good, healthy foundation for creating the next great state, which is new every time.

Therefore, the small degree, called Hafetz Hesed (one who desires mercy), fear of the Creator, the level of Bina, “artistry,” or faith, is what has to be transmitted to the next state, from the fathers to the sons, from the upper level of the spiritual ladder to the lower level.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/08/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. It’s the fear of harming that drives me to be aware of things. Everytime I do something, for example, a friend asks me to check on something. And, if I don’t do it right away, I have this paranoid fear that I’m harming or disrespecting them in some way, so I get up and do it right then. This is called a Hafetz Hesed?

  2. The same goes for my postings on this blog. I have this constant fear that I might be saying something offensive and not know about it, or maybe I haven’t said enough or in the right way and that somehow effects others negatively who read it and in return, it affects more people. Harming isn’t my intention, but the thought of saying the wrong things, even with the right intentions worries me constantly.

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