Spiritual Birth In The Light Of AB-SAG

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first phase of the Direct Light (Behina Aleph) in the world of Infinity is the desire to receive pleasure, which was created from the Above and filled with the Light of Hochma (Wisdom). After that, the creature discovers that it is a receiver, it does not wish to receive, but instead, wants to give. Thus the second phase, Bina, appears.

This is a natural reaction within the creature, created by the Creator. From this it follows that the natural form of the desire to receive is that it strives to bestow when it is filled with Light! And this is what we lack. If the Light was to fill my desire to receive pleasure now, I would immediately wish to become like the Light: a giver. This is referred to as the “Light that Reforms.”

But why are all the corrections performed by the Light of AB-SAG that helps us be born in the spiritual world? Partzuf AB is the desire to receive with a screen, which operates in reception for the sake of bestowal. It has the strength to be near the table, across from the Host, and say: “I am able to receive this and enjoy so as to bring contentment to You. I enjoy, You enjoy as well, and we are united and connected due to the treats or pleasures that exist between us. But the pleasure I receive does not come from the food on my plate, but from adhesion with You.”

Partzuf SAG has a smaller screen, and it is not able to receive for the sake of bestowal, but can only give. It can give the creature what it has: the desire to bestow, the Light of Hassadim (Mercy). Whereas Partzuf AB can give its power—the desire to receive for the sake of bestowal—to the lower one. The union (Zivug) of AB-SAG, which produces the Light of correction, is like father and mother, the masculine and the feminine parts together, and not just a single Partzuf.

You would think, why wasn’t AB able to correct the creature on its own; after all, it is stronger that Partzuf SAG? SAG is only able to bestow, while AB is able to receive for the sake of bestowal. But SAG adds something special due to their connection with one another, their position.

In order to clarify this, it is very important to understand the difference between reception for the sake of bestowal and bestowal for the sake of bestowal. Bestowal for the sake of bestowal is the intention. It is not an action yet; I only want to bestow to Him, but I do not do anything in practice. Whereas when I receive for the sake of bestowal, I already work with my matter.

The creature that is doing the evaluation really needs to possess both notions in order to understand what it means to only be in the intention to bestow in comparison to an actual opportunity to bestow. After all, all the problems happen when we transition from our nice and good intention towards the actual possibility to bestow, which is exactly what happened during the breaking of the worlds. The intention was wonderful and correct, but look what happened at the end when it came to actual reception.

This is why for correction neither the Light of AB or the Light of SAG alone is not enough, we need them both: the Light AB-SAG. When they manifest in the lower one together, they make it understand that there might be wonderful intentions in its head, but all these intentions can collapse in the body, when it comes to real desires. After all, it is not the same thing.

But in our case, before we acquire a spiritual head and body, like those of the Partzuf, it manifests in the form of ascents and descents. When we are in a state of ascent, we become euphoric and ready for anything because we think that it is very easy to bestow. But as soon as a little desire to receive pleasure is added, we immediately fall into it, no longer want anything, and become simple animals. This is how the difference manifests between the way we act due to the Light of SAG and due to the lack of the strength of the force of AB.

The descent shows us how much we still lack. The intentions were wonderful, but what has come out of it? And then we have to raise a prayer, MAN, in response to which the Light AB-SAG comes and makes up this correspondence between intention and action.

All corrections must be done by the Light of AB-SAG, the Light of Hochma and the Light of Hassadim, which connect together. When they come to the creature, they teach it “the father’s ethics and the mother’s teaching.” In other words, both forces are necessary here, each acting on its own. Later, we will see the mutual work of these forces everywhere. All of this is so the creature could figure out the difference between the desired state and the actual one.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/2011, TES

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