Some Beginner Questions About Studying

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion (from the Hebrew blog): I am listening to Channel 66 at home all the time. I am attached to it, but do not understand everything. I am not in the group and listen only at home. Is this enough?

Answer: If you can do only this, it will be enough!

Question: I was invited to a Kabbalah class this weekend so I was doing a little research before attending. I came across an article on numerology and realized that my name number is 4. It said accident, shatter, and death. I am very concerned since learning this. Is this true and what can I do?

Answer: Do not read anything but our sources. All others are written by amateurs who are not familiar with Kabbalah and only think they understand it. A Kabbalist is someone who received his knowledge from a true teacher in the lineage from Abraham to our days. My advice: Throw away the book and thoughts about numerology and read more from our site for beginners.

Question: How should I behave every day at work and at home with people who do not know about Kabbalah, and how should I behave in the group in the evening?

Answer: Do not talk about Kabbalah to anybody at work or with the family and friends, but only when you go out to circulate. You can be sincere in the group.

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