Saying Goodbye To Childhood

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person reaches a critical point once in a lifetime where he has to leave his parents’ home and start his own life. This is a very sharp and unpleasant transition. There are people who never get used to life’s new demands.

Today, this same transition is global. Until now, nature led humanity forward, enabling it to succumb to childish, egoistic games. We developed in our egoism and didn’t fight ourselves, but now our childhood is over and our adulthood begins.

In the same way that a person reaches adulthood, humanity has ended decades of youth. Our egoism has grown, and now we have to manage in the world on our own.

However, the world isn’t what it used to be. We are in a new global and integral world that is mutually connected, and in which we have to find our place and become a part of. We are not children any more. We have grown.

Of course, humanity doesn’t want that and doesn’t understand it. Just like a person who reaches adulthood and is suddenly faced with endless problems, he must rent an apartment, go to work, take on different responsibilities, and provide for himself everything that others have provided up until then.

Of course, he doesn’t want that. It is much easier and more convenient with mom. It takes time to get used to the grown-up’s world and to find the nice things in it. Humanity isn’t ready yet. It still prefers to dance to the tune of its egoism as before.

We are already in the new world, and we have to adapt to it. It demands our full cooperation and concern for everyone, yet people still want to go on playing like kids. They haven’t experienced enough pain to enter the new reality.

They should be told that the new world demands our full cooperation, that our work is to connect, and that we will solve all our problems only if we create the right mutual connection among us. The entire world is like one person now. Look at it as if looking in a mirror.

If you don’t feel that you are unemployed in certain areas, that natural disasters shock you in other areas, and that still other areas suffer from diseases, look at the general shape of this world. You will see that we have a systematic problem and we all have to be connected to one another, to work together in harmony for one cause, which is general balance.

Imagine that you had some medical tests yesterday and the doctor gives you the results today. It turns out that your body’s organs are not operating in harmony, but rather like children. One does too much, one does too little, and one doesn’t do anything at all.

After all, balance is the right connection among all the body parts and is the basis for feeling good health. So, now you can come to the right conclusion.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/4/11, “The Peace”

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  1. Whenever I post a comment or question on your blog I really want to connect with you/the group/everyone. I worry all the time about connecting with what is said. Sometimes I think that asking a question shows that I have read it and that will make whomever posts it happy. Sometimes, I think that showing I can relate to it through a personal story would make the person posting the article happy. Other times I think leaving a comment about understanding it makes whomever wrote it happy. I post my comments because I want to show that I have a connection to the blog and these ideas and everyone behind them. I don’t know if I am always saying the right things or what others want to hear, but the main thing is that I want to connect with the ideas and everyone in some way, either through questions, comments, or relating to things personally. I constantly worry whether or not I am connecting at all with everyone behind the blog. Always!

  2. If only we could achieve this balance and harmony, but meanwhile those of us who believe must strive for this mutual connection. I refuse to stand by while others suffer. Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping; I feel stronger and maybe onlookers will discover my pleasure and trust. If the person I helped displeases me I will grow and hopefully one day that person will learn to trust the need to rid himself of ego and return to balance.

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