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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If you ask people what the soul is, the majority will say that it is something like a cloud or some kind of energy, characteristic of this person (his or her reaction to what happens around them). During my studies I understood that the soul is the quality of a character, which we do not know, and that we discover it only when we unite with each other.

But a woman cannot unite. Does this mean that she has no soul? A woman does not draw the Light and, and hence she does not have to study The Study of the Ten Sefirot or The Zohar. Once, there were women prophets. What is the difference between them and those who predict the future?

Answer: By participating, a woman receives everything through a man even if she does not study Kabbalah, although today it is not forbidden to anyone.

Question: When I feel good and easy about my life, what can I do to quickly discover the next part about myself that is lacking? This morning I felt the need to connect and study with others, but the lesson does not start until later tonight! I feel like I am wasting time. What should I do?

Answer: Read Shamati, the Psalms, and any of our sources.

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  1. Hello, can you please explain why a woman does not need to unite and also if Kabbalists think that she does not have a soul ?

    If everything in the corporeal world has a root in the spiritual, then where is the female, is she not elements of Adam Ha Rishon ? When we return to the creator all are merged into one, there is no more male/female etc is this true ?

    Shalom, Debs

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